Case Study: How Pact use Heresy to organise their sales team

Case Study: How Pact use Heresy to organise their sales team

"One of the big challenges is how you're going to structure the sales team. The sales operation, remuneration, bonus structures - all of these things require a level of insight I typically wouldn't have. Heresy has given me x-ray vision through how the team is performing."
Stephen Rapoport, Founder

Pact started selling coffee in 2012 and has grown into the largest direct to consumer coffee company in Europe.

They were using Excel spreadsheets to store and analyse their sales data. This was time consuming and left some uncertainty around forecasting and how the team was performing.

They were looking to align the sales team and get more predictability.

Using Heresy has given them the structure and data they need to take their business to the next level.

  • Heresy flags deals if they've been stuck in a pipeline stage past a certain threshold. This visibility lets Mitchell, Pact's sales director, ask the right questions and find answers quicker than before.

  • The dashboard shows how all the individuals in their team are performing and how they are doing in relation to their targets - thanks to the Burndown Chart!. Staying on top of their performance lets the team act earlier and deliver better results.

  • The analytics page shows you all the data the team needs and nothing more. Key metrics are shared across the business much easier than before.

  • The deals board in Heresy is split into sprints. Working in sprints gave Pact the structure they needed - holding weekly meetings to share wins, losses and best practices.

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