Closing Words: Alexa Battista from Trello at Atlassian

Closing Words: Alexa Battista from Trello at Atlassian

It's Alexa Battista from Trello's turn in the Closing Words hot seat.

Alexa has worked in sales and marketing since graduating from NYU in 2008. She's spent the last three years at Trello where she has risen through the ranks from Account Executive to Enterprise Advocate Manager. Alexa is one of the most consistent performers on Heresy, and she's one of a handful of users to win the whale badge after closing a single deal worth more than her quarterly target.

Alexa Battista from Trello

How did you get started in sales?
I got started in sales right after university. I was actually looking for marketing jobs, and I had a job lined up at an e-mail marketing company. But right before I started, a friend called and said he had a junior sales position open up at his company, which was a little startup in NYC, and I jumped for it. I've been in sales ever since.

What do you do outside of work to keep learning?
I like to attend talks and conferences by sales leaders that I follow. Talking to other sellers, commiserating over deals, and finding shared learning is also really helpful. Sometimes I'll pick up a business book. One book I always keep close by is How to Become a Rainmaker: The Rules for Getting and Keeping Customers and Clients by Jeffrey Fox. It is a very quick read, and very handy to reference. My dad who is also in sales, gave it to me early on in my career, and I've kept it every since.

Are there any blogs or sites related to sales that you visit regularly?
I read and follow people on LinkedIn. That is where I get the majority of my sales related information.

You’ve been smashing it lately, what has been the biggest change in your workflow or process that have helped you to hit your targets?
I've been trying to streamline processes, reduce clutter in my pipeline. I'd rather be extra conservative and focus my time on important customers and deals, rather than have a very inflated pipeline.

What metrics do you look at to monitor on your performance?
Revenue is number one. Pipeline generation and movement is also really helpful.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt in sales?
When to walk away. It's really powerful, and a lot of times customers will come back.

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