Closing Words: Luke Jermyn from Pact Coffee

Our aim at Heresy is to fix sales. Part of our vision is being more transparent and sharing knowledge with teammates and the wider sales community. Closing Words is a series of short interviews with top-performing salespeople

Closing Words: Luke Jermyn from Pact Coffee

It's Pact Coffee's Luke Jermyn's turn in the Closing Words hot seat.

Luke's a marketer turned salesperson. He's only been with Pact for 9 months, but has quickly risen through the ranks, establishing himself as one of the top billers there.


How did you get started in sales?

I had previously been working in a marketing role, but without number driven targets and the opportunity to earn more money month on month I fell out of love with what I had studied at uni. The opportunity to work in the FMCG market coupled with the clear career progression available at Pact made it a very easy decision to put any transferable skills I'd picked up with previous work to the test in a very fast growing team.

What do you do outside of work to keep learning?

The online social aspect of selling fascinates me. I've noticed in recent months the opportunities that arise from being active on LinkedIn. These connections derive from sharing insights and becoming a thought leader in your market - which hopefully I'm beginning to become!

Are there any blogs or sites related to sales that you visit regularly?

As I've mentioned I can see the benefits of social selling. I do my best to stay in touch with CEO's and founders that share insights into how they've grown financially and added heads to their businesses over the years.

You’ve been smashing it lately, what has been the biggest change in your workflow or process that have helped you to hit your targets?

Having clear visibility via Heresy was an enormous help to hitting and exceeding my targets. As a visual learner, having a clear idea of what stage my deals are in the pipeline has meant that I can manage my time accordingly and enabled me to get out in the field and visit more prospects.

What metrics do you look at to monitor on your performance?

We're heavily focused on new business at the moment and a large proportion of my day is spent picking the phone up, speaking to decision makers and sharing insights on how Pact can help them achieve the people and culture goals. Number of dials per day at the moment is important if I'm to see an increase in value in my pipeline.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt in sales?

There will always be someone that is willing to listen to you. Don't be disheartened by those that aren't ready to buy because they will be when you're given the chance to show them how you can help.

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