In this episode of the Heresy podcast, Dimitar speaks to Farlan Dowell. Farlan is a sales pro & leader, but in reality what he brings is much more comprehensive approach to repeatable revenue.

He has 15 years of startup experience in early stage B2B Saas companies. He currently serves as VP Sales at CleanShelf - a fully automated SaaS spend optimization solution to help you track SaaS spend and optimize ROI of your cloud software subscriptions. Previously he was the VP of Sales at RainforestQA, where he increased ARR from $300k in founder-led sales to $10M ARR, increased ACV from 10k to ~100k, and built a 25-person sales team that continues to grow.

In the past he’s held positions as the VP of Sales at Upsight and most recently has consulted for a number of companies including Replicated,, and Kloudless. He’s interested in helping early teams find product market fit and scale rapidly while avoiding common mistakes developer companies make.

In this episode of the podcast Farlan shares:

  • his tips on how to get from $0 to $10M in ARR in the shortest period of time;
  • what are the most common mistakes you should watch out for;
  • why it's always a good idea to double your pricing
  • why you should never have a gong in the office and much more