Heresy E9 - Elaine Mao, Global Head of Sales Ops & Strategy @UBER

Heresy E9 - Elaine Mao, Global Head of Sales Ops & Strategy @UBER

In this episode of the Heresy podcast, we are joined by Elaine Mao - Head of Global Sales Ops & Strategy at UBER for Business.

As one of the fastest growing companies and currently the most valuable startup in the world, UBER needs no introduction. Elaine joined UBER from LinkedIn, where she spent a few years learning the art of sales ops. At UBER she’s responsible for setting up the strategy and building the B2B sales team.


We chatted to Elaine about a range of Sales-Ops topics including:

  • Elaine’s take on what Sales Ops really is & why every company should start thinking about building a sales ops team sooner rather than later
  • What Sales Operations looked like at LinkedIn and why UBER had taken a different approach
  • Elaine’s advice on building a scalable and efficient sales team and much more

One thing that I personally found incredibly intriguing was Elaine’s advice to founders and CEO’s who are the early stages of building a Sale organisation.

TL;DR - If you can find a sales leader that has had Sales Ops experience and can set up the basics, that’s great - you've killed two birds with one stone. You can start this way and bring in a "professional" sales ops person later on to squeeze more efficiency out of the team. If that's not an option however, then Elaine says you should hire sales ops right away, as failing to do so will give you lots of headaches later on and will be way more costly.


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