Case Study: How Trello use Heresy to make the most of their data

Trello increased their average deal size by 48 percent while using Heresy, check out this case study to find out how.

Case Study: How Trello use Heresy to make the most of their data

Since Trello started using Heresy:

  • Their average deal size has increased by 48%
  • The duration of their sales cycle has fallen by 12%
  • Their reps’ forecasting accuracy has improved by 40%

Find out how below...

"Heresy does give us a much better overview than we've had before. It takes 10 seconds to get a good sense of what is going on and I don't have to spend too much time trying to figure out the details"
Kristen Habacht, Head of Enterprise Sales

The initial version of Trello was launched in 2011 and Trello became it's own company in 2014 before being sold to Atlassian in 2017.

The team at Trello use as their CRM to manage their leads. They were looking for a way to understand the Salesforce data without having to spend time building and digging through reports.

Heresy has given them an understanding of how the team is performing much faster than before. Letting the team know how they're performing at an individual and team level.

  • Heresy surfaces the data that matters. Allowing enterprise sales manager Sarah Sherwood to see how her team is doing now; and how they're going to perform in the coming months.

  • The integration has made it easy for team lead Alexa to keep track of all her deals. Any changes to deals made in Salesforce are reflected in Heresy in realtime; and vice versa.

  • With badges and gamification, the team is more engaged, more likely to use Heresy and more likely to keep it up to date.

To learn more about why we're building Heresy check out this blogpost. Or, head over to to signup for your (free forever) account.